MRIS Executive Team

  • David Charron
    David Charron
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Brian Donnellan
    Brian Donnellan
    Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
  • Erik M. Feig, Esq.
    Erik M. Feig, Esq.
    General Counsel
  • Monica Goodwyn, SPHR
    Monica Goodwyn, SPHR
    Vice President, Human Resources and Administration
  • Andrew Strauch
    Andrew Strauch
    Vice President, Product Innovation and Marketing
  • Darren Bailey
    Darren Bailey
    Vice President, Technology Solutions and Engineering
  • Garry Marsoubian
    Garry Marsoubian
    Vice President, Information Technology and Project Delivery
  • Yashira Ramirez
    Yashira Ramirez
    Executive Assistant
    to the President/CEO
  • Sandra Truque
    Sandra Truque
    Administrative Assistant to MRIS

MRIS Management Team

  • Jeff Jennings
    Jeff Jennings
    Director, Strategic Alliances
  • Monica Williams
    Monica Williams
    Director, Customer Support Center
  • Mike Leone
    Mike Leone
  • Greg Hangemanole
    Greg Hangemanole
    Assistant Controller
  • Kirk Lattner
    Kirk Lattner
    Manager, Product Management
  • Scott Saghirian
    Scott Saghirian
    Manager, Client and Association Alliances
  • Michelle Yam
    Michelle Yam
    Manager, Compliance