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To become an MRIS Customer, you must first be affiliated with an Active MRIS Broker.  

Please take a moment to download and familiarize yourself with the MRIS Rules & Regulations

Note: If you are a member of one of our Shareholding Associations, you qualify for the lower Shareholder rate. Click here for a list of the current MRIS Shareholding Associations.

To begin the application process, please click on a link below:

Licensed Real Estate Agents

New Real Estate Agents or Associate Brokers

Returning Agents and Associate Brokers

  • If your license number or state has changed while you were away, it is necessary to update your information before you return.  Please call the MRIS Support Center (301-838-7200) to update your license information prior to using the above link to rejoin MRIS. 
  • All returning customers will be asked for their MRIS Customer ID.  If this does not occur, please immediately contact the MRIS Support Center at 301-838-7200 to ensure proper processing.
  • If your Broker Office has changed, this must be updated prior to rejoining MRIS.  Please call the MRIS Support Center (301-838-7200) to update. 
  • MRIS accounts that have been inactive or suspended for over 30 days will be charged a $295 reinstatement fee. There is no reinstatement fee for accounts that are reinstated within 30 days.
  • MRIS recently updated our billing system as part of our new customer portal, MRIS Connect. Please visit MRIS.com/BillingUpdates for more information.


Broker New to MRIS

Broker Returning to MRIS - Please call the MRIS Support Center (301-838-7200) for assistance.

Real Estate Agent Becoming a Broker

Office Staff 

Personal Assistant New or Returning to MRIS

Office Secretary New or Returning to MRIS


Appraiser New or Returning to MRIS (Including Personal Assistants to Appraisers)

If you are a current MRIS customer and need to transfer listings and/or brokerages please visit the My Account section.

Please note if you prefer to have MRIS mail you a subscription agreement, please email your request to Support Center, include your Name, Address, Phone Number and/or Fax Number and indicate the types of Subscription Agreement you need. Once you have completed the application, fax it back to MRIS, processing time is approximately 3 to 5 business days.