ListHub Reports


ListHub reports provide detailed marketing analytics and tracking on your listings across all your online publisher sites. These reports give you valuable insights about the performance of your company, your agents, and your listings in the online market. See at a glance which websites are providing you the most views, visits and sale inquiries.  

This reporting service is a valuable upgrade and can be purchased directly from ListHub by logging in to your account


ListHub reports are the only reports in the industry that include consumer traffic stats from all major publishers in one single report!

ListHub reports give you the power to:

  • View a true side-by-side comparison of publishers.
  • Track and compare all your agency listings online marketing performance. 
  • Run and compare reports from any date range 24x7.
  • Automatically send personalized property reports to clients for constant client updates
  • Access insider information on the performance of properties by price and property characteristics
  • Heat maps to demonstrate where your buyers are geographically located.
  • Show proof of market coverage.

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All subscribers to ListHub reporting will enjoy online training seminars, dedicated customer email and phone support and 24hr access to training videos, providing you with valuable tips and tricks for improving your online real estate marketing.

If you need assistance with your account, please contact the MRIS help desk for help.

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For Agents

Unlimited ListHub reports are available for $129/year.

For Brokers

Brokers can purchase ListHub reports for their agents.  Price varies based on the number of agents within the brokerage.

1-5 Agents $39/month
6-20 Agents$79/month
21-60 Agents$129/month
61-100 Agents$259/month
101-300 Agents$399/month

To sign up, login to ListHub and select the report option.  Or, download the ListHub Report Sign Up Form.