Your Personal Safety Service

A simple smartphone app that puts safety in reach wherever you are.

MRIS has formed an alliance with Moby to bring you a personal safety service designed for real estate professionals for free! Moby is a simple smartphone app that puts safety in reach wherever you are. From your smartphone, automatically send your location and status to those who care, and emergency services when you need them most. For open houses, vacant properties, distressed properties, unfamiliar neighborhoods and new clients, or just out late at night by yourself. Moby can provide your key contacts with your location or just let them know where you are.

For support contact: [email protected]




Moby offers two service levels:

MRIS Customers' FREE Service:

  • Single Alert button sends friends and family your GPS location immediately via email and text
  • Check-in function asks “Are You OK?” and Moby automatically sends an alert to your contacts if you fail to respond
  • Tracking shares your location with your contacts as you progress to your destination according to the schedule you set 
  • View location on a Google Map that can be viewed on any browser or mobile device


Premium Service:

  • Choose to have all your alerts monitored professionally 24/7, just like a home or office alarm service

With all of the service offerings, you can rest assured that your location data is private and secure, and visible only when you want to share it.

For support contact: [email protected]

The Moby software must be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. An end user license agreement (EULA) will apply upon installation, and may vary between device platforms (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android). Consult the EULA for your smartphone platform, or contact Moby at [email protected]